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Re: Why Jami? Does ‘distributed messenger’ make sense?

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: Why Jami? Does ‘distributed messenger’ make sense?
Date: Sun, 24 May 2020 21:55:45 +0300
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Сергей Петров <address@hidden> wrote:
> Today any resource/site/service can be blacklisted by country government.

Today, _you_ can be blacklisted by the government much more easily.

> That's why i don't want to rely on some specific service

Is there any other nameserver for Jami but ns.ring.cx available at the moment?

That might be not very interesting for you, if your are going to limit yourself 
to 160-bit addresses, of course; however, always mind the network effect [0], 
when choosing communication platform.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_effect

> I prefer distributed/decentralized messengers like Jami or Tox.

Any way, so far so good...

>> as for messaging — unfortunately, itʼs complicated.  Iʼd simply suggest you 
>> to use more popular protocols, such as email (+ PGP), for messaging instead.
> Delta Chat is very interesting app.  But it cannot be used for calls.

...until this.

delta.chat (if anyone here is not aware) is nothing more but a free mail 
useragent, that encourages short letters (with small input textarea; by 
grouping mail by correspondent, rather than by thread; and so on).

But e-mail is nothing more ‘distributed’ than SIP.  Except that there are, 
perhaps, more mail providers exist, and some of them — like your Google Mail — 
are indeed too big to be blacklisted.

That advantage has a downside, though: _you_ can be blacklisted by Google.  For 
instance, had you lived not in Moscow but in Sebastopol, that fact would not 
escape your attention.

That takes us to the idea, that the words ‘distributed communication’ does not 
make much sense at all.  ‘Distributed filesharing’, like Bittorrent, does: 
files are indeed can be replicated and distributed among peers, so they can be 
downloaded from any and even from multiple at once.

_You_, however, cannot be distributed.  Neither your correspondents (given 
theyʼre living beings) can be.  At any given moment, you all are located in 
some very specific places.  And the only thing that a communication network can 
do is to lay a shortest route between them.

That is, if you decided to invest some time into redecentralizing the Internet, 
I have better suggestion for you than to explore marginal protocols like Tox or 
Jami — find better ISPs, that provide _IPv6_.  Plural since this applies both 
to wired and cellular providers.

As for wired, your lovit.ru is so retarded, that they do not have IPv6 even for 
themselves [1], so no hope to ask them; large ISPs that worth being asked are, 
at least, mgts.ru and ertelecom.ru.  As for cellular, itʼs very easy to check: 
if itʼs mts.ru they do provide IPv6, otherwise — they do not.

When the customer service of your current providers will talk you into staying 
with them by offering discounts (yes, at least cellular provider will do that, 
if you not merely stop paying them, but try to transfer your phone number to 
another provider), do not forget to explicitly tell them, why you are leaving.

[1] https://bgp.he.net/AS41275

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