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Re: In regards to Jami on Debian desktop

From: riveravaldez
Subject: Re: In regards to Jami on Debian desktop
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2021 12:42:32 -0300

On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, rffnck@posteo.me <rffnck@posteo.me> wrote:
> Hello
> I just installed Debian Jami version 10, on Devuan Bullseye which is
version 11
> Although I'm running Devuan Bullseye which is Debian 11, for some reason
> I go to install the Jami Debian package for Bullseye (Debian 11) I get
> messages about needing a newer version then the one installed
> Installing Jami version for Debian 10 all I had to do was install all the
> packages, but no complaints about any of them needing a newer version
> Just figure I'd mention the above details about the Jami Debian
> packages for anyone interested

Hi, Justin, just another Jami (and Debian) user

How are you installing Jami?
Because if you're doing it from official Devuan
repos then maybe you should try first to contact
the packager/package maintainer.

> Now I have a few problems with the Jami desktop environment itself that
I'd like
> to bring to your attention
> (...)
> Second problem, which I cannot figure out, the USB webcam shows up for an
> audio device in Jami but I don't get audio capture from the USB webcam.
I can
> only get input to work with the motherboards built in capture

Don't know if you're using PulseAudio or bare
ALSA. If PA is the case, then you can check that
PA is the selected audio server in Jami (Settings > Media) and then run
`pavucontrol` and check in Settings if the webcam audio device appears as
available (if not, that's a thing to fix that's
previous to any Jami setting, I suppose).

Hope this helps, kind regards!

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