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Re: Enhancements and fixes for js-encumbered websites

From: Colby Russell
Subject: Re: Enhancements and fixes for js-encumbered websites
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2021 15:51:36 -0500
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On 7/5/21 8:54 AM, W. Kosior wrote:
> What Jahoti already posted there is more or less what I would respond
> if I was to keep arguing (although sometimes it's perhaps better to
> stop and accept someone else's idea, so as not to waste resources on
> useless wars).

I didn't realize we were in a war.

* * * *

> Ok, discussion can be considered moved to:
> https://hachettebugs.koszko.org/boards/1/topics/1

As I understand it, what this means is that while neither you nor Jahoti
are enthusiastic enough to invest in personally implementing this
yourselves, you would be willing to accept patches if someone else were
willing to make the investment?


If that were the case, it would appear that we're past the main hurdle
of the patch paradox.


I.e., I can be confident that I wouldn't be at risk of wasting my own
resources to make this happen only to be turned away after the fact due
to lack of willingness interest--again, if that's actually the case.

Can I get a clarification on this?


> discussion can be considered moved

I just tried to reset my password, but it doesn't seem to be working, so
I can't log in.

PPS: Since my account is completely unused at this point, I would just
create a one, but IIRC, those require manual intervention, too. Maybe
consider allowing open registration for now--not just for me, but again:
other potential contributors--and if it becomes evident that it's a
problem, shutting it off at that point.  (But keyword being "evident"!)

Colby Russell

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