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[Libcdio-devel] Re: comments and questions

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: [Libcdio-devel] Re: comments and questions
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 04:45:53 -0500

The 2 second gap at the beginning is there because it was felt that
this is what is mandated by the Philips Red Book Standard or IEC 960
or IEC 60908. I've not seen either of these documents as these are not
free. It was my understanding that (probably older) CD players also
required this. See

Occasionally folks want to violate what the standards allows. The most
common case is where people want an ISO 9660 filesystem to be larger
than what is allowed by ECMA 119. In some cases we allow for deviation
from the standard. However there should be justification, sufficient
reason and a understanding that this occurs often enough to be useful
by a majority of people to outweigh the negative effects of deviation
from standards.

In your situation, it sounds like you are writing DTS-encoded
information using Redbook formatting. I don't doubt for what you are
doing this is convenient for you. But I'm not sure this is common
practice, either. If there some document you can point to that
indicates this common practice or is part of some standard, that would
make a more compelling case for change.

As for the mailing list and libcdio, it's always been a volunteer
organization. People come and go as they feel the need, have time or
the interest. Best as I can tell, the library is used more now than
it's ever been.

Robert William Fuller writes:
 > Robert William Fuller wrote:
 > > The quirk results in a serious usability problem with the
library.  As 
 > > I'm sure you know, the library assumes a two second gap at the
 > > of all audio tracks.  Put simply, more often than not, this is an 
 > > incorrect assumption.  Hence, when you rip tracks with
 > > often times the beginning of the songs are clipped.  It is
especially a 
 > Umm ok so I was partially wrong on this.  libcdio-paranoia
 > uses either LSN's or LBA's because it ignores the two second gap
 > the library reports for MSF's.
 > Nevertheless, it would be nice if applications that used MSF's,
such as 
 > those that create cue or toc files, did not have to subtract two
 > from the value returned by the library for audio tracks! Hence,
there is 
 > still a usability problem, but it is within the library, and 
 > libcdio-paranoia does not suffer from it.
 > > Now I realize that cdparanoia does not currently detect gaps and
that is 
 > > the reason that an assumption is made.  I also saw somewhere a 
 > > suggestion for a GSoC project to add gap detection.  However, in
 > > interim, I would suggest that the library make a better
assumption, that 
 > > audio tracks do NOT start with a two second gap.
 > Still stands...
 > > Also, I have not seen any traffic on this list since I signed up,
and I 
 > > notice that aside from configuration code, little has changed in
the CVS 
 > > for many months.  Is this project still active?
 > Still wondering...
 > > 
 > > Thank you.
 > > 
 > > Regards,
 > > 
 > > Rob
 > > 

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