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Re: default or foo

From: Paolo Redælli
Subject: Re: default or foo
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2022 08:25:19 +0200
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Il 03/07/22 20:30, Raphael Mack ha scritto:
in principle I like the idea, but if you compare your proposal with the
implementations in other languages - e. g. "or" operator in python its
logic is inverted. You proposal requires the default in the first
operand and the normally (if not Void) taken one as second. Wouldn't it
be better to choose "instead" in this case.

Using "instead" would require changing the language syntax as the only infix word-like operators allowed are "and", "or", "xor", "and then", "or else" and "implies".

I tried to find something that didn't require changes to syntax.

Indeed I may ask someone from ISE, or even professor Bertrane Meyer himself for a common syntax.

I still vote for "or" though....

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