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Re: [libmicrohttpd] Windows binary with SSL3/TLS

From: LRN
Subject: Re: [libmicrohttpd] Windows binary with SSL3/TLS
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 19:48:33 +0300
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On 15.06.2016 19:12, Weber, Peter (Wilken Software Engineering GmbH) wrote:
> One last problem remains:
> I'm trying to compile libmicrohttpd statically or at least the final
> executable, but this fails. My LDFLAG="-static" seems to be ignored.

>> $ g++ -static -static-libstdc++ -o foo foo.cpp -Llib -lmicrohttpd -Iinclude 
>> -Wall -Wpedantic -std=gnu++11 -lws2_32 -lgnutls -lidn -lgcrypt -lffi 
>> -lgpg-error -lhogweed -lgmp -lintl -liconv -lnettle -ltasn1 -lwinpthread -lz
> These gives me still a lot of "undefinfed reference errors", especially
> about "system.o", "system-keys-win.o" and "pkcs11.o". So I tried to add
> "-lp11-kit" behind "-lgnutls" but it doesn't change anything. And
> "system.o" and "system-keys-win.o" doesn't give me a hint, so stuff
> from Windows or internals of GNUTLS?
> See here:

Difficult to say for me, as i don't have a working x86_64 installation of
MHD, GNUTLS or GCrypt.
Try running this:
> nm -A --defined-only /mingw64/lib/*.a | grep CertEnumCertificatesInStore
and see what it says.

> Do you think I should try to hand over the required libraries to my
> users also? I'm perfectly fine with this, but it sounds a little bit
> clumsy.

This depends entirely on how you are planning to redistribute, update and
support your application.

> @LRN: I' sorry, but libmicrohttpd seems not to be included in the
> packages

Then i guess i imagined it[1].


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