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Re: [libmicrohttpd] New Features: Create response from an IOVEC and Thre

From: Evgeny Grin
Subject: Re: [libmicrohttpd] New Features: Create response from an IOVEC and Thread-safe Adding Connections to an EPoll Internal Thread MHD_Daemon
Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2021 21:40:55 +0300
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Hello Damon and Lawrence,

Patches are always welcome, we're glad to extend MHD functionality.

Could you explain the new functionality added by 0.9.72-internal_queue_connection.patch? Probably you missed changes in the v0.9.72, but the queue of externally added connection is already implemented and used (see daemon->new_connections_head, new_connections_list_process_() and related). Looks like you partially re-implemented it (without the cleanup part). Have I missed some functionality in this patch?

About 0.9.72-MHD_create_response_from_iovec.patch:
* The header sys/uio.h is not portable. Many platforms don't have it so it cannot be used in main MHD header file (which should works on all platforms very straightforward). However you can define your own similar structures. * You shielded implementation of send_iov_nontls(), send_iov_tls(), MHD_create_response_from_iovec(), and other functions by "#if defined(HAVE_SENDMSG) || defined(HAVE_WRITEV)" so MHD on platforms without sendmsg()/writev() will be built without this function. If you try to link application which is using MHD_create_response_from_iovec() on platform without sendmsg(), the linker will fail. This is not right, you need to implement an emulation for platforms lacking sendmsg(), like you did for TLS connection or similar. There are other minor problems in your patch, I mentioned only the major ones.

Did you run any tests with/without your patch? Did it significantly increase throughput?

Please, use "diff -p" next time as it simplify reviewing the changes.

Best Wishes,

On 08.01.2021 20:14, Earp, Damon N. (GSFC-619.0)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS INC] via libmicrohttpd wrote:

We've made changes to libmicrohttpd that we'd like to see integrated into the 
project. If this isn't the appropriate forum for submitting patches please let 
us know.

I've attached the changes via three patch files, described below. All the 
developed by my colleague Lawrence Sebald who is CC'd. We initially made these 
changes to 0.9.62, and at the end of December ported them to 0.9.72. The 
patched 0.9.62 has been in our production environment for over a month and 
serviced billions of requests at this point. The patched version 0.9.72 is 
almost done testing and is to be pushed to production later this month.

Damon Earp

1. 0.9.72.patch
     This contains all the changes that we've made to the library. I've 
included this as it is machine generated, the other patch files are a manual 
pruning of this file.

2. 0.9.72-MHD_create_response_from_iovec.patch
     Added the ability to give MHD a vector of distinct buffers which make up 
the response body. This allows a zero-copy for serving data that is fragmented 
in memory. This change further adds the `MHD_IOVContentReaderFreeCallback` type 
which includes a cls pointer on top of the iovec used to make the request.

3. 0.9.72-internal_queue_connection.patch
     This is an ad hoc implementation to concurrently call 
`MHD_add_connection()` on a daemon with no listen socket and an epoll internal 
thread. We have been playing around with scheduling algorithms and have a pool 
of `MHD_Daemon` workers which we can schedule a connection to. Our initial 
attempts tried to rely on the locking in `internal_add_connection()` however we 
ran into too many race conditions that we created a linked list of queued 
connections in the daemon and then activated itc to drain the queue in the 
internal thread.

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