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Re: [libmicrohttpd] Setting thread attributes

From: Anaswara Nair
Subject: Re: [libmicrohttpd] Setting thread attributes
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 17:35:19 +0530


Is it possible that I can name my MHD thread? For now, what I see is the thread name is "MHD-Single". Is it possible that I can give another name related to my application.. 

On Sun, 28 Jun 2020, 5:41 pm Anaswara Nair, <> wrote:
Hi Christian,

Thanks for your reply. I have few more doubts based on my understanding on the library. Please correct me if I am wrong. 

1. Is it possible  to have an external thread with desired attributes and use MHD without creating thread internally? Will it call the callbacks as desired? Will passing MHD_NO_FLAG to start_daemon helps this scenario? MHD_RUN() has something to do with this? 

2. From your reply, what I understand is to call pthread_self() and related attribute set  functions from MHD_AcessHandlerCallback. Is that correct? 

On Sun, 28 Jun 2020, 12:42 am Anaswara Nair, <> wrote:

I am using libmicrohttpd for the first time. I wonder if it is possible to set attributes such as priority, affinity, scheduling policy, etc to the thread created by start_daemon. While exploring I found MHD_create_thread_(). But doubtful if it can be used directly from my application. 

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