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[Libreboot] Trouble booting from USB in 20160902 release

From: Duncan Guthrie
Subject: [Libreboot] Trouble booting from USB in 20160902 release
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2016 22:23:10 +0100
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Hi folks,

I am unable to boot from a live USB I have prepared with Debian Live on it.
In the default GRUB Config, I select "search ISOLINUX menu (USB)", and
this displays the Debian installer background image behind the text.
However, I am unable to work out what to do next.
Selecting "load operating system (incl. fully encrypted disks)" makes me
input my passphrase for my main disk drive (I have edited grubtest.cfg
accordingly to allow me to do this) and then it gives many errors along
the lines of "error: disk `ata0' not found"
"error: disk `ata0,1' not found" and so on and so forth.
The other options that I can select below this are "Search ISOLINUX menu
(AHCI)" and "Search ISOLINUX menu (CD/DVD)". Naturally these are useless
for my purpose of booting the USB drive. There is the option to load the
grubtest.cfg file (which does this) as well as "search for grub
configuration on external media". This is what I used to boot the USB
(with a small error) on the 20150518 release but it is useless now.

I found your guide to boot the drive from the command line here:
However, following the example GRUB commands just boots me into a shell
in the initramfs, which is useless.

How can I amend my grub config file to have an option to boot the USB
drive automatically; or what commands can I use to start Debian Live?

Thanks for everything,

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