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[libredwg] Appeal for relicensing of LibreDWG

From: Jean-Peer Lorenz
Subject: [libredwg] Appeal for relicensing of LibreDWG
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 12:04:05 +0100


recently I've stumbled over the licensing issues between LibreDWG,
LibreCAD and FreeCAD and I was shocked. And forced to write to this
mailing list. Sorry in advance if you think this isn't appropriate.

Here is my appeal:

Please stop hesitation in relicensing LibreDWG in order to enable
promising and actively developed projects to include it into their code!

I'm supporting Free Software Foundation as Associate Member since
several years in order to foster the use and availability of free
software. As full time engineer, I see a particular lack of free CAD
software and was glad that DWG-support was declared a high priority
mission by FSF.

Therefore, I'm really unhappy with the situation of projects not being
able to bring free CAD software forward just because of license
incompatibilities between GPLv X and GPLv Y.

This is not what I want to achieve by supporting FSF and free software

I don't want to start a discussion over the pros and cons of different
GPL versions, legal issues and why we should use them - I think it's
basically the same license (GPL). I just want that a piece of free
software licensed under GPL can be used by another free software
licensed under GPL to ultimately provide a great and FREE functionality
to end users. Maybe, I'm not the only one thinking this way and I hope
it is possible to convince the LibreDWG copyright holders.

Thanks for all your efforts.

Kind regards,

Jean-Peer, FSF member #8429

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