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Re: [libredwg] Llibredwg home page] Proposed changes

From: Reini Urban
Subject: Re: [libredwg] Llibredwg home page] Proposed changes
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2020 18:09:32 +0200

Thérèse Godefroy <> schrieb am Mo., 21. Sep. 2020, 17:49:
Hello Libredwg maintainers,

GNU webmasters are planning to migrate all templated pages (those using
SSIs) to HTML5 in order to improve accessibility. But before doing this,
deprecated tags such as <tt>, <acronym> and <big> need to be removed.

The home page of Libredwg contains <tt>. I got rid of it, and took this
opportunity to do some minor edits:

* Download: link to (major releases) rather than the
  Git repo: reword to avoid using long URLs as link text.

* Mailing lists and updates: reword more concisely; remove the
  explanation about subscribing by email (which contains <tt>); link to
  the web interface instead.

* Reorganize 'Get involved':
  - Development tools (Savannah, GitLab, GitHub),
  - Test releases (, snapshots at GitHub),
  - Maintainers (specify the contact address).

* http > https, update boilerplate and reduce line width.

* Update the page copyright.

A diff is attached. If you agree with the changes but don't have time
to commit them right now, I will gladly do it.

Best regards,

Salut Thérèse,

Your changes look very good to me. 
It would be nice if you could commit them by yourself. I always forget the ancient proper CVS workflow.


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