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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] [fossil-users] [OT] Who's interested in projec

From: Miles Fidelman
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] [fossil-users] [OT] Who's interested in project management & collaboration tools? And...
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2012 16:17:41 -0400
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Thomas Harding wrote:
On 07/08/2012 01:54, Miles Fidelman wrote:

Hence the project :-)

Seriously, this started with some work on distribution of military operations orders - currently distributed largely as text and attachments, by email - and asking if we could simplify handling of follow-up messages by sending HTML+JavaScript messages that could update themselves by pulling follow-up messages out of the mail stream and applying changes.

Forces/NATO has ACP127 with an XML version of, and there is stuff to send such ACP127 format accross applications built on SGBD with large databases Text/ACP127 attachments mainly distribute that orders in an (almost) human-readable form having such a text/ACP127 plus XML/ACP127 as multipart allows to inject the last in any appliance

So, having such an xml+human readable ACP127-like format adapted to Free Software developpement project (through xslt) would do the drill, no matter the transport is (NNTP, SMTP, XMPP, SCP...). Adding multipart to e-g SLRN would be trivial, and you can authenticate too and/or use SSL+key pairs.

That's kind of what I've been thinking - though using common microformats where they apply, rather than ACP127. Makes it easier to interoperate with common tools (notably calendars and to-do lists). I'm thinking Atom as a basic encoding, with bindings for transmission over multiple protocols.

A good setup in case of SMTP would be use "submission" port (ISPs genarally blocks 25), thera are enough mailing-list possibilities to propagate :)

Big issue is that there's no easy way to get JavaScript to talk to SMTP (or NNTP); easier to get to XMPP via BOSH. Looking at using a simple translating proxy to push stuff out as Atom Publishing Protocol, and from there bind to multiple protocols.

Also remember NNTP is perfect to propagate changes as you have "control" and "pairs" -- chained.

NNTP is my all-time favorite protocol. Netscape used to sell a collaboration server that added some identity services to NNTP and made it easier to create private newsgroups - unfortunately all that code seems to have disappeared.

HTML+JavaScript, distributed over NNTP, with identity services, crypto, and automatic newsgroup creation is sort of the touchstone in the back of my head.

The "text editor" could be wsgi hosted (web) or standalone

editor is going to be embedded in the HTML+JavaScript documents

So, are you thinking of this on laptops or on mobile devices
or both?

Both. Goal is to make everything run in a browser, with distribution via email, and updates/synchronization via either XMPP or Atom. Biggest stumbling blocks are saving files locally, particularly on iOS where there's no direct access to the file system. Seeing how much we can do with browser storage. Alternative is to use a local server, access files via both DAV and the file system (again, an issue on iOS).

who cares on iOS here ? a wsgi web host is enough for that piece of shit.

well... purpose is to support large scale collaboration - and an awful lot of folks carry iPhones and iPads

a particular audience for this is crisis response and other large scale applications where connectivity can be sketchy - so the intent is to support largely disconnected operations - all storage and intelligence at the endpoints, embedded in the "smart documents" - with servers only providing connectivity and in-transit storage (plus backup, directory services, and such - though for "purity" goal is ultimately to push this into distributed hash table mechanisms)


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In practice, there is.   .... Yogi Berra

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