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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] review respect of code of conduct on Mancheste

From: Thomas Harding
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] review respect of code of conduct on Manchester FAQ
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2012 21:25:51 +0200
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On 06/08/2012 21:13, Quiliro Ordóñez wrote:

It is not specified on the code of conduct if non-free software should be promoted. By the way of your reasoning this would also be allowed and is perfectly good for LibrePlanet.
I fully agree with that

I do not think that is the intent of LibrePlanet. I think the idea was to express positively all the values in favor of the position of the FSF and leave other values for people that think otherwise on their own sites.


There is no strict equality Free Software <=> "FSF definition/position on Free Software" *only the good one*

* BSD and some other licenses *is* Free software *with no strong copyleft* (can't remain term), its a way to disagree with no strong copyleft, but a wrong to not talk at all on that (FSF talks on that in a right way)

* some distributions are free software but also offers non free sofware -- clearly distinguishely, but are not recognished as free software distributions by FSF (I disagree on that point on 1 distro I know perfectly positions on Free Software are)

* even FSF cope with non free sofware (Lesser GPL, GPL softwares running on non-free sofware OS or environment (and so using non free libraries to build on /that OS/), etc). There could be stronger positions on that last point than "cope with non-free environment": not to cope at all! (not cope at all is also not my position: it will impair free software spreading)

I agree on most of FSF positions, and I disagree on few points, as anyone have freedom to think and have freedom to mind what a thing is or is not a bridge of contention (unsure of last 3 words in English, French: un point d'achoppement).

Promote FSF ideas is *good*, but even dd is "copy convert" :)


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