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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Ubuntu = Spyware

From: ☮ elf Pavlik ☮
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Ubuntu = Spyware
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 15:56:26 +0000
User-agent: Sup/0.12.1

Excerpts from Fabian Rodriguez's message of 2012-12-13 13:52:23 +0000:
> Try Jistsi sometime ( Try
> (free / dirt-cheap) VoIP using SIP/AIX providers that use GNU/Linux too
> sometime (here: or Also try OwnCloud (or just a
> webdav share!).
i remember while ago testing Jitsi's VoIP and video together with one of 
OwnCloud contributors... both over SIP and XMPP... i still couldn't honestly 
recommend using it for someone who just want this damn thing to work...

can you point me to How-To explaining how to mimic Dropbox behaviour with 
OwnCloud? just found this article: which 
ends with:

"Update: after a couple days of trying out ownCloud with the desktop syncing, 
it’s just not reliable enough to use yet. syncs may fail. the client app may 
silently crash. I lost some files somehow. It’s getting close, but not quite 
ready for production use yet. Back to Dropbox for now…"

and I still hold my point:

**In not Ubuntu milions of people using it nowadays would never move away from 
MacOS and Windows** !!!

which doesn't justify their latest decisions but at the same time I don't like 
to loose bigger context just because of recent failures...

i hope we can get back on coding and polishing all the rough ages of libre 
software and really try to avoid friendly fires ;)


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