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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Gitlab and Gitorious (was Re: support me)

From: Tobias Platen
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Gitlab and Gitorious (was Re: support me)
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2015 18:23:06 +0100
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On 06.03.2015 15:14, John Pozzi wrote:
of FUD regarding this story. The way you put it fuels
the conspiracy theory telling that Gitlab killed Gitorious. But reading
the link you provided, the story is different: Gitorious was dying, and
they contacted Gitlab to find a solution before crashing into
bankruptcy. Gitlab responded by acquiring Gitorious, leaving its
founders free to do something else without the (financial) burden of
their commercial failure.
So yes, Gitorious code is GPL, and Gitlab code is X11. That means
Gitlab has no interest in using Gitorious code, and they simply will
allow a smooth transition for existing Gitorious projects to Gitlab.
If there is a vested interest in GPL-izing Gitlab code, it should be
discussed with them. The choice of the X11 license was made because the
whole stack is distributed under that license. If and when Gitlab

Maybe the Free Software Foundation should start hosting a Gitlab or Gitorious instance and maintain a free program that is under the AGPL. So if you contribute to Gitlab, you should licence your changes under the AGPL which is forking the program. I did the same thing with a different program called WORLD[1] that was originally licensed under the GPLv3 because the FFT-Library was GPLv3, but then the author changed the licence to BSD and there are now proprietery programs that use WORLD. But I dedided to continue using WORLD and add code from other programs that are licensed under the GPLv3, including the GNU GSL library and Aubio. But I renamed the program to sekai which is the Japanese word for world. The GPLv3 sekai software is hosted on Gitorious, and I will now migrate to a differnt hoster. Maybe I will choose gna, or setup my own instance of Gitorious.


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