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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] support me

From: Sytse Sijbrandij
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] support me
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2015 10:59:33 -0700

> Rather than spending the time on a formal analysis of's
> served JavaScript, I feel like I may be able to get a better
> understanding and justification from those that developed it.  If you
> have some extra time, I'd appreciate it.

Good idea!

> With migrating away from Gitorious, it is important for free software
> users and hackers to understand what code is running within their
> browser.  LibreJS considerations aside (patches can be submitted for
> that), are there any proprietary modifications to the JavaScript served
> by's GitLab instance, or are all sources available either in
> the vanilla installation or another source code repository?

We might have some javascript for Enterprise Edition specific
functionality that is not MIT licensed. If any, it would be trivial
code (most EE functions are ruby code) and we would be willing to MIT
license it by merging it into the Community Edition (although it will
be non-functional there).

We plan to make the source code of Enterprise Edition downloadable
soon (it will still be non-free software). At that time I would
appreciate someone checking if there is anything to merge into CE
since we are pretty time constrained. I can also give people access
right now if they are interested in checking this.

> I cannot recommend GitHub to anyone because, although I use it, I must
> do so with JavaScript disabled, which severely hampers (or even
> prohibits use of) much of its functionality.  It would be excellent if I
> could state confidently that (a) GitLab is not only excellent software,
> but its hosting serves Free software and is superior to GitHub not only
> as software, but also as a host; and (b) that GitLab intends to keep it
> this way.

We will certainly keep it this way.

> (I am aware of the use of Google Analytics, which is proprietary; it can
> be easily disabled by their domain, so that is less of a concern.)

GitLab CE also has support for Piwik

> Would you mind describing to us the current situation, and whether
> GitLab would be willing to make any guarantees to the community under
> (b)?  This would be useful information for the GNU project as well, as
> there have been discussions recently on the ethics of GitHub and the
> like.

I would love to, but I have a hard time coming out with legally
binding language. We could also do a blog post to put us on record.
But what would we say? GitLab Community Edition will be awesome,
non-artificially restricted, free software until the end of time?

> If you'd prefer to discuss any details in private, feel free to respond
> directly to me.  I'm interested personally as well, since I'm
> considering my migration options.

I'm comfortable doing this out in the open.

> Thanks.
> - --
> Mike Gerwitz
> Free Software Hacker | GNU Maintainer
> FSF Member #5804 | GPG Key ID: 0x8EE30EAB
> Version: GnuPG v1
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> MjOJ1Ke45np4eD21X2aj6c46AfTz4ucmFgAUVqJeiq7yC8DSRIu37VTIob4C+Nqe
> NJqA5L5b5y+Ca0KFUaE0xX9L0T8RkUN8fUgoOobVPWAu5dda9LTbiLdj6iNpknIg
> YjMjM8cn9bUgi9hD6l5msgpv9s4wdy19jJwFFlatiljlWALZQtbQTTWZ7ubO1Wgs
> bWDsJ4f270n3FTdhErq7j5lEZC7+HgICLj9wlNcy+b11/FaWGEY/BBZGrD6is/y5
> CT5LSBXZAYQFhiw3CabscMY0Hg2UwQZPwN9DTDIc8dArYkqrwMB43BfsjkzwqOoX
> UbscPppVksDziEI1+2EFMuQ/HrgQBueC9Y5RCr5p2QmWLi//ouKhx8FkYF4YsZCV
> Z//CQDr0q90nuLBv+8qolaaV3QNNKDR+mKquANNVmJx0mYkE1K9YP/Y5cyuJYRHS
> UmA7WthekOspwMeGaaNWnuOar7d0efsu8Xv2/+75w7kbA8sP2lrXY4BADc7vigGo
> ts/o/Z3a/z2Uw5cRq6EDKV7JnzoUW03HGKywGcqmomCJKYunNix6nZ+hGwanMd09
> vhZYDDLRZzGuEfsrftlX
> =Q3xa

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