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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] support me

From: Aurélien DESBRIÈRES
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] support me
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 11:02:14 +0200
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Hello Coders!

So ... on start this thread wake up with Alimiracle who request for
support for fully free solution for his codes host.

It is right that many solution already exist, but they are not all
completly free or try to be, but are not.

We try on our side to make this place a reality, which represent many
trouble, but, find the way with kallithea.

At first we have used the name gitbull, git for the tool ... bull for
the horns of the gnu beast.

But freedom is not the same in the mind of every humans.

The Software Freedom Conservancy ping me (very correctly) but ping me on
the fact we use the term git and the point that git is trademark.

That make me discover that many things are trademark and by the way ping
LibrePlanet to act on LibreMark.

We can't own a name, because to make it short if i own the name earth
you are all my slave. If I own the name fire, your ass will freeze ...

A bit strong form of explanation, but simple enought to say that it is
not because you own a word that in front the reality of this know part
of the bubble universes where we live it is the reality.

You don't own anything, but yes you can use the force to jail me. Very
human and in human by the way.


We push all our things to

and continue to make the things free as in freedom and price.

I understand that this last point is very difficult for some people to
understand, but if you think of this planet 7000 years before there were
no money and things were not so bad.

Maybe money is the chain of slavery you just don't have ping in your

Welcome to our Free Coding Community, Welcome to Bull Codes

Aurélien Desbrières

Bull.Codes             -       Community Coding
Hackers.Camp            -       OutDoor Hacktivities         -       Free Software & Mechatronics Laboratory

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