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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Libre Business for the Planet

From: Logan Streondj
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Libre Business for the Planet
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2015 13:41:51 -0400

On Mon, Mar 23, 2015 at 4:11 PM, Thomas HARDING <> wrote:
On 23/03/2015 16:31, Logan Streondj wrote:

On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 12:13 PM, Thomas HARDING < <>> wrote:

    On 14/03/2015 23:35, Logan Streondj wrote:


    We have a Babel problem.


Thanks for your art programming below. I still have a few clue reading the French version of what is accomplished here (in other words: that's unreadable).

#english SPEL is in early phase of grow but I be now add verb
 conjugation so it will-be more easy to read. 
#español SPEL es en fase temprano de crecer pero yo añado lo
 conjugación verbo asi ello será lo fácil más a leer. 
#français SPEL est en phase précoce de croître  mais je ajoute la
 conjugaison verbe ainsi illo sera la facile plus à
#nodejs "SPEL"=/*now*/{"in":(grow[phase.early]),"but":(,"so":("it":/*will-be*/{easy.more,{"to":(read)}})};
#mwak mihu wiypkuynha takhnuhi klah yathta tihu payhsilha fuhi
 syuh kuyhpi yaltfwasni SPELhu nuhiya

Even mostly "translated", any of flavour of is not a native natural language but one more language to learn *completely*.

"C" language needs for 20 hours lessons regarding a book title (I'm unsure it needs so short time to learn it). A little skills are needed for Python, while structures are really obvious in the last (indentation gives blocks), etc.

 #english 50%+ of people be  make fail simple program so common
 program form be  bad to learn for people from-source
 maybe SPEL form will-be more easy to learn.   

#español  50%+ de gente  hacer fallar lo programa simple asi
 forma programa común  malo a aprender para gente
 puede-ser  forma SPEL  será lo fácil más a aprender.   

#français 50%+ de personnes  faire échouer la programme simple
 ainsi forme programme commun mauvais à apprendre pour
 personnes à-partir-de-la-source
 peut-être forme SPEL sera la facile plus à apprendre.  
#nodejs people[50%+],{"so":(form.program.common.bad({"for":(people),"to":(learn),"from-source":('')}))});

#mwak ''hpsuh
kuympyamfuymhu lunttlah cyinta pukhi syuh luntpi 50%+hu
 saphpyamha pfalmikhiya SPELfuymhu cyinta payhsilha fuhi

Excerpt for a few ones, they are expressed in a little English subset, so learning one gives you keys to the others.

More, you can ever choose a better language regarding the task to accomplish (comprised Bourne shell and others). EG, Ada has bourns.

While formal programming, a native language can expresses things more precisely.

To a non-English native speaker,  that's also clearly split data ans trings from program itself to program in pseudo-English.

Where I am unsure of your option is hiding the same (or not?) keywords behind translation, because most
tranlators will have a different advice on lexical field has a keyword.


#english the vocabulary be  base on words from special English
 and oxford3000 and wordnet and framenet. 

#español  lo vocabulario  base sobre palabras desde Inglés
 especial y oxford3000 y wordnet y framenet. 

#français la vocabulaire base sur mots dès Anglais spécial et
 oxford3000 et wordnet et framenet. 

#nodejs thevocabulary.base({"on":(plural.word),"from":(English.special.and
oxford3000.and wordnet.and framenet)});

#mwak pcilnlicki oxford3000ki wordnethki framenetsu slofsahu
 makhlupyah payshiya

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