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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Open Knowledge Policies: Science in EU

From: Pen-Yuan Hsing
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Open Knowledge Policies: Science in EU
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2015 17:16:19 +0100
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Thanks Bruno, great article!

Two quick questions about the article:

(1) In it it said: "The cost of editing for a typical paper is between 1 percent and 3 percent of the cost of funding the research to produce it." -> Is there a source for this statement? I'd love to see it. Because I can use the actual data to talk to others about this problem.

(2) It also said: "the word "open" had the last laugh: influential campaigners for "open access" subsequently dropped freedom to redistribute from their goals." -> Is there a current, standard definition of "open access"? Does someone have a link? Sounds like the current "open access" is like "open source", if so is there an equivalent term that's like Free Software?

Thank you!

On 16/10/15 16:32, Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro wrote:
Hello Andrés!

Em Wed, 14 Oct 2015 23:54:31 +0100
Andrés Muñiz Piniella <> escreveu:

Next week there is a symposium that will be held in Viena
registration seems to be still open [2] to discuss policies on open

Just want to point out the related RMS' article:

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