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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] An ethical compass for progress

From: Michael Rauch
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] An ethical compass for progress
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2018 14:56:23 +0200
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Hello Kees,

Thank you for your feedback and questions.

On 16.07.2018 00:55, C.W. Epema wrote:
> Your claim in the article says "In every society there are essential pillars 
> that support the society". 
> I can follow your claim for positive societies (pillars will possibly be 
> supporting life, supporting peace and so on) . But what about the pillars of 
> society for more negative societies (=do not support life, do not support 
> peace)?>
> Is a moral or ethical compass still viable for "negative societies"? Would 
> the pillars for "negative societies" be opposed to "positive societies"?
> Is it okay regarding your article to split societies in negative or positive?

I personally have a hard time partitioning societies into
negative/positive ones. At best, I could probably figure out a
negative/positive attribution comparing two societies directly.

The ethical compass I describe in the article is based on two ideas:
1) the individual (and the society) has to know where she wants to go
2) the individual (and the society) has to take responsibility in
getting there

Therefore, I consider an ethical compass to be valuable for transforming
a negative/disfunctional/dystopian society into a decent one.

For myself, it's more motivating to envision and build towards a desired
outcome, rather than spending energy on opposing something. My article
reflects this preference.

Kind regards,

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