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Re: One word label for someone who rejects proprietary software

From: Roberto Beltran
Subject: Re: One word label for someone who rejects proprietary software
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2020 06:05:22 +0000

> Labeling people and giving them various identifications is for me not
> well mannered.

I'm sorry to offend your sensibilities on the matter then. I don't think we see 
things that way where I am from.

> Hypothetical cases:
> Somebody may not know anything about the free software, but would like
> to reject proprietary software, maybe some specific proprietary
> software like WhatsApp due to its security flows -- but is this person
> free software supporter or security aware person?

The category of persons I would like to describe would include people that 
broadly reject proprietary software because of security concerns but not 
someone that just rejects some proprietary software because because of specific 
security concerns with those programs.

> In general, it is better to let people identify how they wish, instead
> of labeling them, and coercing certain type of identification on
> people.

Agreed. I wish to self-identify as being part of the category that I'm 
describing but I have no such word that I like except maybe "speerfie" now that 
I've started the thread. I'm guessing there may be others like me.

If no one has any more ideas, I'll start advertising speerfie and you will be 
hearing it back in a few months.

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