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Re: Campaign to boycott Facebook

From: Raymundo Vásquez Ruiz
Subject: Re: Campaign to boycott Facebook
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2020 09:03:45 +0000


On Monday, 24 de February de 2020 6:58, Aaron Wolf <> wrote:

> For anyone who won't leave FB, there's some value in specifically
> bringing anti-FB messages/warnings to the people who are there. If the
> only FB criticisms are outside FB, then they won't be seen by those who
> need them most. So, going to FB to criticize it is at least better than
> just using it normally. So, I'd suggest asking people to consider this
> approach (learn, warn others) if they won't otherwise leave.

I'm not totally convinced by this argument.
What comes to my mind is the fact that the number of active users have a direct 
impact on the monetization of the platform and even when you are a disident 
you're still inside their ecosystem and therefore are targetable and profitable.
Also, if I understand well, they are in total control of the posts and I think 
that there's no guarantee that your ideas are being displayed in other people's 

I personally took a lot more effort into campaining against in real life since 
I deleted my account and managed to convince at least other few people :)


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