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Re: purism why does fsf and libreboot embrace a misleading company?

From: a
Subject: Re: purism why does fsf and libreboot embrace a misleading company?
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 17:33:46 +0100
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> Purism is a company, if you have a problem with that company, complain
> to that.

Read the initial post. The message is directed at fsf and
libreplanet officials. Others answered and I decided not
to ignore their posts. I responded. About purism, they
know because they have been told. Posting here was
about getting fsf and libreplanet to step away from purism.

> When you already mentioned it, what exactly is then "fraudulent
> behavior"? Why you not give the exact facts?

Read my replies to aaron.

> Then finally what is "fraudulent" is defined by the law, if you have
> been deceived by Purism, which I deeply doubt, please complain to
> proper authorities.

purism has not swindled me, because I have not purchased any of
their products. I doubt an american prosecutor will take interest
in this case.

> How is Purism using FSF in Purism's deceptions? I would like to
> understand what you are talking about.

purism knows even guarded recommendations from
fsf can be favorable for purism's sale. Therefore my request to
fsf about not making announcements on purism without
mentioning purism's lies.

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