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Re: The sad decline of copyleft software licenses? :(

From: Ali Reza Hayati
Subject: Re: The sad decline of copyleft software licenses? :(
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 01:11:42 +0330

Marinus didn't mean that the software harms the user. Marinus meant how
a software licensed under a weak libre license can be used against the
community/people. An example is Microsoft which uses a lot of
MIT-licensed software to produce its own software and publishes them
proprietorially. It's needless to mention an specific incident as
there's too many.

A software libre licensed under a weak license (such as MIT) can be used
to produce a proprietary software (or even platform) and in result, harm

I believe there's no need to mention that software libre is about
software that respects users' freedom, not anything else so a software
libre can be harmful (at use) too. We're talking about the concept, right?

On 9/23/20 12:58 AM, Jean Louis wrote:
> I do not see how free software licenses harm the user. If you use
> exclusively free software, a permissive free software license will not
> harm an user.

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