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Re: A challenge for community to go beyond what's already rule

From: Fosshost
Subject: Re: A challenge for community to go beyond what's already rule
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2020 11:00:48 +0000


No charge. People can optionally make a donation. 

Kind regards

Founder and CEO

> On 24 Nov 2020, at 06:38, Jean Louis <> wrote:
> * Fosshost <> [2020-11-23 18:18]:
>>   Hi Jean
>>   Nope, we are not that specific, we provide hosting to free open source
>>   software projects and associated groups, which may do good for the
>>   community.  It is not 100% GNU or "libre" and I would be doing you a
>>   disservice if I said it was.
>>   I was merely raising that in the case where hardware is unaffordable,
>>   we provide, at best, a service that has helped more than 80 projects to
>>   date.  Nearly all of those projects are free software, open-source, or
>>   "free".  We position ourselves really as supporting the open-source
>>   ecosystem.
>>   We accept projects that are using an OSI-license, our eligibility is
>>   almost identical to that of, except we are the UK / European
>>   version without the university affiliation.
> That is good, thank you. I am referencing your website to other
> people.
> What is pricing?
> Jean

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