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Re: massachusetts institute of technology 802.11 researchers

From: Xianjun Jiao (UGent-imec)
Subject: Re: massachusetts institute of technology 802.11 researchers
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2020 18:16:18 +0000

   If I understand correctly, here are some info related to WiFi and MIT

   MIT has some research related to WiFi radar -- use WiFi signal to "see
   through the wall", detect people or heart beat behind the wall:


   They also have CAN radar
   course: [2]

   Our openwifi also support feature similar: we can get CSI (channel
   state information) out of our chip (of course it is our own open source
   chip, we can have anything we want). The CSI could reflect some signal
   spatial propagation information.
   Apparently there is privacy/security issue of above WiFi signal
   processing technology. Think about detect what are inside your house by
   just receiving signal in a car parking outside your house.

   However, because openwifi is an opensource project, one of our user has
   developed "anti-sensing" solution based on our project. :


   If the AP in your home has our "anti-sensing" feature, the "see through
   the wall" won't work anymore!

   Beautiful thing, right? But unfortunately our current design is not a
   real chip yet (tape out, we call it). Currently it is run in FPGA
   verification platform (SDR -- software defined radio), which means
   quite expensive (~1000usd). We still needs lots of efforts (and
   funding) to make a real chip tape out. If we can make a chip, the cost
   could be as low as a normal WiFi chip, but it will be the first
   opensource WiFi chip!

   Best regards,
   Xianjun Jiao
   Senior researcher, imec - Gent university
   210.007, floor 11, Technologiepark 126, 9052, Ghent, Belgium

   From: Xianjun Jiao (UGent-imec)
   Sent: Monday, December 14, 2020 6:40:18 PM
   To: a
   Subject: Re: massachusetts institute of technology 802.11 researchers

   This is Xianjun Jiao, the author of openwifi
   Not understand quite well about the question. You want to find some
   researchers from MIT to work on openwifi?
   Best regards,
   Xianjun Jiao
   Senior researcher, imec - Gent university
   210.007, iGent, [4]Technologiepark 126, 9052 Gent, Belgium

     On 14 Dec 2020, at 18:02, a via libreplanet-discuss
     <> wrote:

   ´╗┐do you have email addresses for massachusetts institute of technology
   802.11 researchers?
   Or how I can find such researchers? It is about
   if mit can contribute to the openwifi card.
   libreplanet-discuss mailing list


 group develops technologies that,on wireless signals, like WiFi.&text=capture 
through occlusions.-,To do so, we rely on wireless signals, like WiFi,returning 
to a wireless receiver.
   4. x-apple-data-detectors://0/0

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