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Re: How do you advocate a City agency use libre software?

From: Paul Sutton
Subject: Re: How do you advocate a City agency use libre software?
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2020 09:02:57 +0000

On 16/12/2020 23:26, Don Saklad wrote:
How do you advocate a City agency use libre software?
For example at

 I'll start looking at video conferencing

Switching from zoom to say big blue button, should not be a problem, however you may need to use both, you need to reasure users that it is safe to use,

As I understand things the US Dept of Defense and universities in the US are using BBB, as well as the fsf of course, so if you can get more info, then surely that is a really good plus for using it.

Focus on the positives, rather than trying to suggest what is bad about non free software. Be remembered for the person who spoke passionately about free software and not the person who rambled on moaning about how bad proprietary software is.

It looks like they are also using youtube, so again there are resources on the fsf peertube account that cover free software fsf30 and rewind for example that promote the cause.

Has a great intro video, brief mention of facebook / twitter than straight in to why the fediverse is better.

Just keep it simple, and work up if people want to know more they will come back so be prepared, and the same for tech support.

#libreplanet on freenode is full of users, most seem to be silent (other than a news bot) I have found myself trying to answer support questions and sometimes struggling to do so,

If people are isolated they probably want someone to talk to, face to face (even via video chat) rather than reading faq's or asking questions on a text chat system, esp older people who are used to social interaction but the current covid19 situation is really starting to affect mental health of all age groups, humans are social.

Hope this helps,


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