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Re: suggestions for leading a free software organization

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: suggestions for leading a free software organization
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2021 17:21:36 +0300
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* quiliro <> [2021-02-25 18:06]:
> Thank you very much for all your suggestions.
> I will certainly uphold the values of freedom before functionality.  I
> will have also added your ideas of how to use my time and resourses to
> my own ideas.  I do not want to join another social network.  But I can
> ask the secretary of the organization to create an account on one of the
> Mastodon servers.
> I would like to make the organization self-sustainable and to help
> activist have advantages over non-activists.  (We have always given help
> to all.  But that has not been sustainable.  So a lot of people and
> organization who do not favour freedom have more been benefited.  They
> have not contributed back.)

Implement the voluntary membership so that every member pays some
little amount. Find out what amount is required so that you reach
sustainability. It would be also fine to post it here, including your
expenses as the way how you manage your organization could then be
replicated on other parts of the world. Then by knowing what amount
you need to cover you can calculate or estimate how much could be the
individual membership and how many members you need per month or year
to reach sustainable condition.

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