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Re: Suppression of speech in this list > Was: Carefully written essay as

From: Greg Farough
Subject: Re: Suppression of speech in this list > Was: Carefully written essay asking for proportionality for rms
Date: Sun, 02 May 2021 12:33:17 -0400
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On Fri, Apr 30 2021, wrote:

> Greg Farough <> writes:
>> On Fri, Apr 30 2021, wrote:
>>> Miroslav Rovis <> writes:
>>>> (Regarding the close to last lines of mine in bottom: I did not receive 
>>>> this email of yours via libreplanet ML.)
>>> There are 7:
>>> * Message not available
>>> at:
>>> I wonder when did I ask the moderators of this list to prevent me from
>>> reading the expressions of others.  I ask the moderators: please give me
>>> a link to where I can read those emails.  If others do not want to see
>>> those messages, let them opt-out of those messages (not out of the whole
>>> list).  But please do not control my right to read!
>> I am not sure what happened in this case, but we have not moderated
>> any message in this thread.
> ¡Oh!  It was not moderation?

I was mistaken here. It was moderation, just not intentional
moderation. :)

I've just gone through RT and have verified that it was done by
mistake, by someone who is unused to handling the Mailman moderation
queue. My message to this list from a few minutes ago provides a
little more context.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


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Free Software Foundation

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