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Re: Suppression of speech in this list > Was: Carefully written essay as

From: Miroslav Rovis
Subject: Re: Suppression of speech in this list > Was: Carefully written essay asking for proportionality for rms
Date: Mon, 3 May 2021 22:42:11 +0200

On 210502-12:28-0400, Greg Farough wrote:
> On Sun, May 02 2021, Miroslav Rovis <> wrote:
> > The messages from me (and from Jorge, IIRC) did start to be posted normally 
> > on
> > the list only after Jorge asked about dropped messages on 
> > libreplanet-discuss
> > to sysadmin [at] [*], and not before, which makes one be strongly
Notice the modal verb I used here: 
> > inclined to think the reason may not have been technical that the messages 
> > were
> > dropped.
That is not a convinced statement.
> As our sysadmin Ian explained to Jorge, those messages were discarded
> by accident.
> Typically, I'm the staff member that goes through the mailing list
> moderation queue. That day I was on vacation, so someone less familiar
> with the Mailman interface was going through the lists, and the
> messages were discarded by mistake.
> You're free to think I'm lying, but I wish you wouldn't.
I believe you. Thank you for your explanation.

> -g
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Miroslav Rovis
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