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Re: Ethical and inexpensive mailing list service?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Ethical and inexpensive mailing list service?
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 20:05:38 +0300
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* Jorge P. de Morais Neto via libreplanet-discuss 
<> [2021-06-23 19:13]:
> Hi.
> Em [2021-06-14 seg 19:37:15+0300], Federico Leva (Nemo) escreveu:
> > The GNU mailman wiki lists a few hosting services:
> >
> Thank you for the tip.  I then looked at that list of services.  Some of
> the websites don't work on GNU IceCat (probably because of
> proprietary

First we have to determine what kind of mailing list we talk
about here. Is it the collaborative mailing list where multiple people
take part in discussion such as this one?

Or maybe it is non-collaborative list where one party is sending all
the mailings to everybody?

For the former one, Courier MTA offers mailing list that is easy to
setup and people may communicate collaboratively. It is also possible
to use it as non-collaborative one. Yes, one need a server like VPS or
dedicated server for that. Considering that such are very cheap like
US $2.5 - US $5 per month that should not be a problem. I run multiple
such VPS-es exchanging a lot of emails.

> JavaScript or maybe JavaScript that is libre but lacks license tags).
> Others were more promising, specially <>; in
> its website I saw no JavaScript, let alone proprietary JavaScript (so it
> works great on GNU IceCat and even on Emacs EWW) and they charge US$
> 40.80/year for a list of 26 to 1000 subscribers.  Still a bit more
> expensive in Brazilian reais than I would like.

Those solutions make no sense to me. If you need help with installing
I will help you. But please don't pay "per subscriber" that is for
people who know anything about installing software ridiculous. When
you setup your own VPS you have got unlimited subscribers, limited
only by the available disk space. Nobody is controlling you. 

By the way, depending of your knowledge, the list may grow from zero
to 1500 within 24 hours. You did not say what you are doing. I was
paying US $73 and capturing leads and gaining 1500 people in one
single day. In sales and marketing it can be easy to acquire 30000
people in one month.

For the non-collaborative solution as free software there is Mautic.

Open Source Marketing Automation - Mautic Community

> > For small mailing lists (say, if you are a group of 10 friends), note 
> > that many hosting companies offer basic mailing lists in association 
> > with a domain name and/or mailbox (often using ezmlm), so you can look 
> > for that too.

For that small list one need only email address. People can place
other people in CC and exchange with each other. 

> The smallest list would have ≃ 38 subscribers; the other would have more
> than 100.  Anyway, I contacted a friend who hosts the website of my
> wife's clinic and asked if he can host the two lists for a small price.
> He said he already "has" (I think he meant "rents") a Digital Ocean
> server that could host the mailing list.  He is currently busy, but soon
> we will talk more about this.

It is very easy. You need not talk about other people providing
service to you, open up your VPS Digital Ocean VPS: and try it out. You can turn it on,
turn it off. You can verify every instance for few hours and turn it
off, you pay per usage time. For US $1 you can already test so
much. You can test any kind of software.

To help you better, tell me the purpose of the list.


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