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Re: Ethical and inexpensive mailing list service?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Ethical and inexpensive mailing list service?
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 20:16:51 +0300
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* Jorge P. de Morais Neto via libreplanet-discuss 
<> [2021-06-23 19:14]:
> Hi Jean Louis!
> Em [2021-06-14 seg 20:04:18+0300], Jean Louis escreveu:
> > I am using my Emacs packages and M-x rcd-mail-mailing-list and my
> > programs for mailing list. Of course I have my domains and online
> > servers where I relay the mail.
> But even with your Emacs package I would still need a 24/7 server to
> host the mailing list, right?

That one is for mailing lists to people, not for people to participate
in overall discussion like this mailing list.

Yes, you need a server to dispatch your emails. But that server you
already have, you are writing from somewhere. So you already
dispatched your email to this mailing list somehow, maybe you used
SMTP server. So yes, you need server.

Maybe you mean you need to pay for it? That depends, maybe you have
just few people and you can send to them from your own email
address. You see? I don't know your circumstances yet.

I am using VPS-es, but I could simply use a web hosting email provider
to send emails.

Last 30 days I have not sent much, just few, and I used simply Emacs
and SMTP server.

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