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MS Teams and Windows 11

From: Paul Sutton
Subject: MS Teams and Windows 11
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2021 08:01:24 +0100

Hi All

I found something interesting in a BBC news article with regard to MS teams and Windows 11.

It seems that Teams will be even more integrated in to the next release of windows. I am not a legal expert. However this could once again prove to be a monopoly grab for MS and just highlights they don't get it when it comes to un competitive practice. MS have been in court for Anti trust violations.

I am not sure if the FSF legal department can take a look at this, as it may be something that the FSF, FSFE, EFF and others need to scrutinize to see if there is a violation in competition law.

I can't see the people behind zoom being very happy about this either, so we should perhaps be more vocal about it, but more to the promotion of alternative.

In the mean time,

is a useful link to allow people to try out Big Blue Button, lets promote the alternatives, of course there is also but BBB is designed for education, esp as if a BBB instance can be hosted in different jurisdictions (such as in the EU/UK) then the GDPR apples.

Just thought I would highlight this. If a barrier to people using free and open source software is a perceived lack of tools, is it due to the lack of tools or lack of awareness of alternatives. Most people have never heard of Big Blue Button or for example.

Hope this helps


Paul Sutton

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