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Re: MS Teams and Windows 11

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: MS Teams and Windows 11
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 22:23:54 +0300
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* <> [2021-06-28 22:08]:
> Even though I think that those solution are not the best, I do think
> they are better than the nonfree software.  Thank you for your work
> proposing and promoting them.
> Kindly allow me to suggest.  Calling them "alternatives" validates the
> nonfree versions.  A better word to show people the problem is to call
> them "replacements".  It is not mandatory; but it helps advancement of
> the freedom agenda.  Words are powerful!

Good note.

But for me personally, I don't have neither alternatives nor
replacements as I have not get proprietary software to search for

The decision I made back in 1999. I have realized back then I would
lose some of very nice games... but also some other programs and
important stuff. I remember I was sweating before I deleted the
Windows partition from a dual partititoned GNU/Linux computer. It was
for good. No regrets.

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