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make bridge between irc servers.

From: alimiracle
Subject: make bridge between irc servers.
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 14:29:42 -0700

Why don't we communify
Build a bridge, we have to try
To talk and to unify
""" *** Communify: Lara Fabian
In the beginning there was IRC. Only IRC. One network, that's it. This was more or less anarchy, and probably it worked very much like the smaller networks now. IRC-operators had a lot of powers, and things were small enough that one could semi-know things about channel ownership.
But then everything changed.
The link between the servers of the territories has crashed

IRC communities are being torn apart.
and now freenode problems.

After deep thought and discussion in the mailing list
I figured it was impossible to bring users together in a single server.
At the same time there are new solutions such as Matrix
Society is divided between those solutions
Great Society turned into small communities
I remember as a child, someone said to me,
"It's impossible to convince all people to eat one type of cookie"
I think the solution is to make a bridge between the servers.
But how, who allows this thing?
have fun and be free

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