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Re: Are there any eBook readers one can use in freedom?

From: Michael McMahon
Subject: Re: Are there any eBook readers one can use in freedom?
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2021 12:08:36 -0500
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   I have not found a perfect solution yet.

   The PineNote looks promising, but is still in early development [1].
   The first developer units were shipped out this month so it will be at
   least a few months before it works normally.

   The Remarkable tablet can be modified to work with free software in
   user space. [2]

   Some Kobo ereaders can be modified to work with free software in user
   space. [3]

   The Galaxy Tab 2 with Replicant [4] does not have an e-ink screen, but
   it could be used as an ebook reader with KOReader [5] from F-Droid
   [6].  This would probably be the best functional purpose for the device
   at this time.  Books and apps would need to be loaded by USB on the
   Galaxy Tab 2 unless you get WiFi to work through USB.  I have one with
   Replicant, but I don't need it and would part with it locally in Boston
   at cost.  Really any Android based device works in a pinch with
   KOReader from F-Droid.

   [1] [1]

   [2] [2]



   [5] [5]

   [6] [6]
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   On 12/22/21 11:10 AM, Greg Farough wrote:

On Wed, Dec 22 2021, Caleb Herbert [9]<> wrote:

I've been tempted to get a Kobo. It prefers PDF and EPUB, but it gets
software updates.

I've had this page[1] bookmarked for a while, but have never
personally tried it. From what I understand, it could be a step above
the usual method of installing KOReader, as I think it also replaces
the nonfree "Nickel" software that's preloaded on the device.

It seems like part of the build process for okreader is pulling in and
compiling a kernel -- I wonder if that could be pointed to the
identical linux-libre version. The lack of WiFi firmware wouldn't be
an issue, since KOReader enables USB storage, but I'm not sure how the
lack of "EPD controller firmware" would affect things.

In the meantime, I enjoy reading books with nov.el in Emacs. :)


[1]: [10]

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