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Re: Are there any eBook readers one can use in freedom?

From: Yuchen Pei
Subject: Re: Are there any eBook readers one can use in freedom?
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2021 09:20:53 +1100
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On Wed, Dec 22 2021, Greg Farough wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 22 2021, Caleb Herbert <> wrote:
>> I've been tempted to get a Kobo. It prefers PDF and EPUB, but it gets
>> software updates.
> I've had this page[1] bookmarked for a while, but have never
> personally tried it. From what I understand, it could be a step above
> the usual method of installing KOReader, as I think it also replaces
> the nonfree "Nickel" software that's preloaded on the device.
> It seems like part of the build process for okreader is pulling in and
> compiling a kernel -- I wonder if that could be pointed to the
> identical linux-libre version. The lack of WiFi firmware wouldn't be
> an issue, since KOReader enables USB storage, but I'm not sure how the
> lack of "EPD controller firmware" would affect things.
> In the meantime, I enjoy reading books with nov.el in Emacs. :)

+1 to nov.el.  I've been using it with follow-mode to get a double or
even triple page view (you might want to remove the header for the
follow mode to work properly) :)  Would be interested in getting a full
text search which is the only thing I miss from calibre's reader.

> -g
> [1]:


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