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Domain Registrar to Recommend

From: andrew
Subject: Domain Registrar to Recommend
Date: Fri, 20 May 2022 08:42:05 +0800

I am looking for a domain registrar to recommend on my free-software
focused fork of Luke Smith's over at currently uses Epik as the
example because I haven't changed it from the original fork.  The last
time I tested, Epik uses some critical nonfree JavaScript, and therefore
I am looking for a nicer domain registrar to put up on there,
preferrably with no JavaScript at all (though JavaScript handling
payment information may be acceptable).

Similarly, the original fork uses Vultr as a VPS provider.  In my fork I
would be recommending self-hosting on real hardware first because that's
the (only?) way we get full control of our servers, but some people,
which sadly include me, have restrictive ISPs that do not allow hosting
that is hard to switch from (especially where I live, China).  Thus a
saner VPS provider is needed, and preferrably one that doesn't use a lot
of JavaScript like above.  Additionally, does anyone have suggestions on
disk encryption on VPSes?  Possibly some Linuxboot and remote-head LUKS
decryption during reboot, not sure.

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