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Re: very specific project proposal Re: What does Elon Musk say about fre

From: Thomas Lord
Subject: Re: very specific project proposal Re: What does Elon Musk say about free software?
Date: Wed, 18 May 2022 19:43:56 -0700
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Contacting the FSF is a total crap shoot.  In my experience,
if it isn't something immediately in their favor they are
a read only device.

That the FSF can't clearly state its actions and future
intentions via outreach to a general public outside
the movement, I think they need to re-read their charter
and application for NPO status.


On 2022-05-18 15:10, Jean Louis wrote:
* p_newsletters/libreplanet--- via libreplanet-discuss
<> [2022-05-12 22:42]:
I myself have been interested about freedom of software almost 15
years. This interests me a lot and I found myself numerous times
spending plenty of hours in just going deep in the rabbit
hole. However, this can't be expected from a "non-tech" user, a.k.a
the large part of the population, who indeed they'd be interested
about regaining freedom but are greeted with a comprehensive and
overwhelming amount of info.

Users who come to any website, may see just the peak of the iceberg of
knowledge presented. That knowledge is comprehensive is rather good
and speaks of quality. That knowledge may be overwhelming is
understandable, as new words, terms, they may be the main obstacle in
understanding any subject.

If you wish to explain any page better of send suggestions, see on website at the bottom how to contact FSF and tell
them about it.

If it is so or not, we can't really tell, as Your personal view is
subjective, rather than objective.

My subjective viewpoint is that FSF website was never overwhelming, it
is comprehensive which I find positive, and I wish it would be more
comprehensive. It is translated in many languages.

That viewpoint is subjective shows the fact that there are so many
contributors, members of the FSF, people who donate money. That is
shown in the financial reports. It also shows that large number of
people do understand messages conveyed through FSF website. Financial
report is objective, it tells of the real world events, not just
personal impressions.

I talk about fs to many of my peers and then I refer them to
to learn more. The result, lack of engagement and retention from my
peers with the site. To me this isn't a problem of the user.

That is generalization. When I have made examples how I talk to
people, I have given two names and explained it.

To how many people did you talk?

Lack of engagement -- what would this mean? Not every person that you
bring to any website will start engaging on the website neither in the
projects website is offering.

What kind of specific retention did you experience?

Before any blame, let us first identify what exactly is the problem.

Then if it is really a website problem, did you report it to webmaster
of FSF?

My take is that, conveys a lot of info, but not
effectively. Less is more, even in the education field. Notice that
I am not suggesting deleting info, but better summarize and display.

Make your suggestions specific and report to webmasters.

I can see the menu:

About Campaigns Licensing Membership Resources Community Donate Shop Search

Is there anything wrong with the menu?

How would you better summarize it please?

Do you see on the bottom of every page full summary? How would you
make the summary?

I think could benefit from better UX design.

Does UX means User Experience? Whatever it means, what is "better"?
Can you propose specific improvements?

In contradiction with my text, for me the fsf's page is great. But
again, I am a tech-interested person and don't represent the larger
amount of internet users.

I wish to see more constructive criticism, not just blaming on
imaginary failures -- while in the same time we can read objective
financial reports and that FSF functions just well. Every organization
may improve. If you wish to propose improvements, do them. Provide the
page that gives that what you want -- and propose to FSF those

When people develop Emacs Lisp they propose changes, patches, new
programs, they may be accepted or rejected, but changes are pretty
much specific. Try providing specific improvements or point out
specifically to what you mean exactly. Try minimizing generalizations.

Further, you are free to distribute information from FSF pages, you
can make your own FSF-like page, look at licensing of pages, and
provide the UX, and summaries in the way how you think it is good --
then let us know, let us review it, and propose it to FSF.


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