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Free JavaScript alternatives

From: jimgarrett
Subject: Free JavaScript alternatives
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 02:06:05 +0000

   Hi List,

   I'll pose my question first, and then give some back story.  I'm trying
   to get a non-profit interested in substituting Free for proprietary
   JavaScript and feel I could use more first-hand knowledge, as I am not
   a software or web developer.
     * Is it correct that JavaScript is limited only by what the browser
       allows?  Thus, JavaScript can't access memory outside the browser
       or write a file (other than a cookie) without permission, but could
       transmit information to any internet location.  Correct?
     * Where should I direct someone to try to find Free JavaScript
       libraries to fulfill a specific feature?  Or is this simply too
       broad a question to be useful?

   Here's the back story.  I heard about the organization Justdiggit and
   went to their web site to donate:  [1]  Their
   privacy/cookie notice is surprisingly forward, and essentially screams
   to me "we will sell your data".  Well, points for honesty.  I
   declined.  I was using the "Abrowser" Firefox derivative on Trisquel
   and the site shows almost no content with that browser.  I visited the
   site with stock Firefox, looked up contact information, and sent an
   e-mail saying I would love to donate but I didn't want to be tracked.

   Miraculously (to my mind), one of their team sent a reply e-mail saying
   they understood my desire not to be tracked and would like to work with
   me.  I imagine that means "help me get my browser to work", not
   necessarily to re-engineer their web site.  I responded that it was in
   fact probably non-Free JavaScript that made the site fail.  I'd like to
   be prepared to speak of many horrible things that proprietary
   JavaScript could be doing, and to make a suggestion for where their web
   developers could go to find Free tools.

   This is all terribly unlikely to have any immediate impact, but it's a
   vehicle to alert some people about these issues.  Thanks in advance!

   Jim Garrett



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