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Re: All "Freedom to share" videos released | New playlist on PeerTube

From: isf
Subject: Re: All "Freedom to share" videos released | New playlist on PeerTube
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2023 20:08:11 -0300
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El 10/1/2023 a las 17:57, Devin Ulibarri escribió:
Hi all,

As described in our [IDAD announcement][1] last month, we finished
publishing our interviews from folks off the streets about their
thoughts on "digital sharing." There's now a playlist on PeerTube to
view them all:

We learned a lot, captured some "aha moments" from interviewees, and
overall enjoyed exercising the freedom to share. Hope you enjoy, and
please let us know your thoughts!

That look like a really good experience and a good oportunity to speak with others about free software! Could you speak with them about free software, they show them interesting in FSF, LibrePlanet or maybe move to the GNU?

If anyone subscribed to this list would like to do a similar thing, we
published our interview prompts on the LibrePlanet wiki as well:
You are encouraged to try for yourself!

I really want to replicate your example here in Chile, maybe soon!

Your friend,

Distribuidor de software libre, organizador de LibrePlanet Temuco y
miembro de la Free Software Foundation.

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