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Re: All "Freedom to share" videos released | New playlist on PeerTube

From: Devin Ulibarri
Subject: Re: All "Freedom to share" videos released | New playlist on PeerTube
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2023 08:38:26 -0500

> That look like a really good experience and a good oportunity to speak
> with others about free software! Could you speak with them about free
> software, they show them interesting in FSF, LibrePlanet or maybe move
> to the GNU?

Yes, a little, but since we were asking them for only "five minutes of
their time," we put together kits with a [few handouts][1], our business
cards, and stickers, which we gave to them so that they could read more
about free software after the encounter (and maybe even share with a few

* One of the handouts was basically a printout of
* Another was:, which
is in a few different languages
* Another was a (somewhat old, but still relevant) printout of

>> If anyone subscribed to this list would like to do a similar thing, we
>> published our interview prompts on the LibrePlanet wiki as well:
>> You are encouraged to try for yourself!
> I really want to replicate your example here in Chile, maybe soon!

If you do, please let us know about it.


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