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Re: [RFC] Custom tag interface

From: Peter O'Gorman
Subject: Re: [RFC] Custom tag interface
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 23:19:29 +0900
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Scott James Remnant wrote:

This is currently a Request For Comments only, if people like this patch
I'll make any necessary changes, write up some documentation for it and
mail a proper patch later.

This patch depends on and extends keybuk-lt-lang.patch.

It gives the user far greater flexibility and control over the tags
their libtool script will support.  It provides three new macros to do

LT_TAG creates a copy of a tag, LT_TAG_SETVAR and LT_TAG_GETVAR get and
set tag variables appropriately.

One example use of these is for package maintainers such as myself; I
might want a 'libtool' that has C++ support through *both* "libtool g++"
and "libtool g++".

        LT_TAG([CXX], [BINCXX])
        LT_TAG_SETVAR([BINCXX], [compiler], ["c++"])

I fail to see the point of this. Why would you need multiple compiler support in libtool?

If the reason is that /prefix/bin/libtool should support all possibilities, then I'd suggest that we stop installing /prefix/bin/libtool.

Peter (who may have caught the wrong end of the stick)
Peter O'Gorman -

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