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TODO for 2.x (was: branch-2-0 vs CVS HEAD)

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: TODO for 2.x (was: branch-2-0 vs CVS HEAD)
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 08:19:32 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.4.1i

* Gary V. Vaughan wrote on Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 10:00:50PM CEST:
> Is there a public record of these?  TODO file?  Search string for the
> list archives?  next mail in this thread? ;-)

The following is not very well ordered, not very well cross-referenced,
has nonempty overlap with the in-tree TODO file (sorry), is not complete
(complain!), and some items served mainly as reminders for me so far.
I might add some URLs and replace the MsgIDs if you put this in an
editable format.  Most applies to branch-2-0/HEAD or all branches.
branch-1-5 only issues are denoted as such.

STOP! Yes, you, right there!  Before you comment on specific items below
or add new ones: Please adjust the Subject: accordingly, and keep
specific issues in their subthreads!  Not another monster thread where
information is not to be found again!
(Alternatively: Gary, how about a publicly editable version of this?)



- use AH_HEADER (when Autoconf has it) so we are compatible to both
  2.59 and CVS, and do not use private and wrong macros which break
  on ltdl-using client packages.  pending.

- fix `make install' and ltdl files timestamps.  pending.

  (mails by Akim, Albert)

- Does the client need argz.m4?  Only if libtoolize --ltdl?

- win32-dll issue: is this the correct patch?

- fix func_show_eval (or something along the way)
  shows not what is correctly executed (see $NM -BCpg on AIX).
  minor bug, description pending.

- double elements in configure --help
  (I may removed (the wrong?) one in a patch against

- we define LT_OBJDIR unconditionally for client sources, but don't need
  to (only for ltdl).

- Peter Ekberg: m4_require(_LT_TAG_COMPILER) in LT_PATH_NM.
  minor bug, fix pending.

non-system dependent

- Use a better bug tracking system than this stupid list + mail folder.

- LTDL_INIT/LT_WITH_LTDL: document, allow optional AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS.

- fix order of macros for non-C++ users of HIDDEN_DEPLIBS:
  _LT_SYS_HIDDEN_LIBDEPS is at broken position in _LT_LANG_FC_CONFIG and
  F77 should be after _LT_LINKER_SHLIBS because output_verbose_link..

- allow --prefer-duplicate-deps after $CC

- fix Keith Packard's "different SONAME" patch; test, apply 

- Derek Price: allow spaces in paths.
  find a way to get this without breaking compatibility!

- deplink DESTDIR install failure.
  related: destdir rpath 

- relink outside build tree (below DESTDIR/prefix?)
- relink even less often when possible

- check whether the temp rpath fix leaves cwd (`.') in LD_LIBRARY_PATH

- do not leave build-tree references in installed .la files if not
  all libs are libtool-created (GCC!) (technically a limitation)

- fix java m4 section, seriously broken

- write test for $ in filenames, allow $ in object names

- implement --quiet --quiet (no output)

- s/EOF/_LTEOF/ in our macros (ltdl.m4). pending.

- fix LN_S use. pending.

- fix use of `#' in Makefiles


- Fix the Solaris CC -no-undefined issue _right_.

- C++ with templates need work (basic support in HEAD only)
  for: Solaris (-xar?), IRIX (see post from Albert), others

- Ralf Menzel: branch-2-0 rebootstrap?
  (Solaris issue?  Maybe already fixed?)

- Detect & shortcut RANLIB if possible, use `ar -S' with piecewise
  archive linking, if it works (see message by Alexandre Oliva)

- Fix static libltdl using dlopen on some BSD versions (reported by
  Guilhem Lavaux)

- Fix AIX -dlopen "self"

- make link-order SKIP or work on AIX.

- AIX .funcname() problem.  Need a testcase.
  (maybe fixed in branch-2-0?)

- backport AIX fixes to branch-1-5.

- hide AIX chmod warning.  pending.

- Dan Stromberg: improve AIX support.

- Work around some weird issues with non-GNU `make' triggering
  autotools reruns (seen on cygwin and mingw).

- mingw mdemo failures
  pending: Peter Ekberg's patches

- fix lt_error_strings on mingw
  more general: kill all non-function interfaces!
  (also those in symbols-list-object!)

- cygwin -export-dynamic + -export-symbols failure.

- fix stresstest failures on cygwin/mingw

- have cwrapper fail if exec fails (look at gettext diff against
  libtool, has more changes.)

- test, apply MSVC support
  discuss naming scheme lib$name vs $name
  see also e.g.

- forward port Interix patch, test, apply

- Tru64: work around shell bugs when executing `libtool'

- Fix F77/FC support for ifort/ifc -static

- Fix finding icc/icpc rules when -no-gcc is not given

- Fix some weird compile/link behavior (reported by Jeremie Le Hen)

- Kill pass_all on many systems!
  But also improve library search algo to be more like local compiler

- PR/17311: Wrong is used by lt-gij

documentation changes

- work out LT_SCOPE replacement that works on win32, document, use
  (see posts by Howard, Peter)

- hide details more/explain abstractions better:
  .libs -> $objdir
  compile -> --mode=compile  (link, install, ...)

- explain convenience archives better
  (Tom Fogal works on this)

- explain better how to integrate into your project
  (Ross Boylan sent some ideas about this)

- explain versioning scheme better


- put all kinds of relocations in stresstest.  Look at dsohowto and
  Peter Ekberg's example about dumpbin output.

- stress-test libltdl.  Use every single exported interface, multiple
  time from multiple libraries, multithreaded.

- build 2 convenience archives: non-PIC + PIC

- allow per-deplib -Bstatic/-Bdynamic (whatever they're called) switches 

- Resolve the "indirect deplibs" aka "link deplibs in shared libs on
  linux" issue, see RFCs.  Document the result.

- Fix Libtool on multilib systems!

- do not hardcode ltdl system paths

- allow truly relocatable libraries and programs.  How?

- fix all cross-compiling issues
  (use sysroot, $ORIGIN, whatever helps)

- implement circular dependencies?
  fix for .la files
  allow storing of the deps in .la files?

- look into lookup rules for deplibs:
  sub/, -Lsub -la, /sub/.libs/liba.a,
  should be treated identically when specified but are not in all cases

- fix races in make install for LTLIBRARIES 
  or: document `make install' race conditions and current ordering
  requirements from user.
  (sent idea for fix to automake list)

- ltdl memleak (Jeff!) +PATCH (but not thoroughly tested)
  need to write complex test cases first

- ltdl void* -> function* separation
  more work, will need to break API+ABI

- speed up libtool linking: think about using xargs in rejected
  set of patches.

- shortcut mode=compile in Automake
  (work in sloow progress)

- eliminate quoting and eval for compile mode?
  problems: opt_suppress (trivial!)

- allow symbol versioning

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