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Re: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 4076 in lilypond: allow bn for B-natural in En

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: [Lilypond-auto] Issue 4076 in lilypond: allow bn for B-natural in English
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 22:04:12 +0000

Comment #30 on issue 4076 by address@hidden: allow bn for B-natural in English

Re #27, letting users choose when to specify 'an' lets us focus our own search for errors in proofreading. In C-minor, 'c' is not suspicious, but 'b' is worth an extra character if we think in English and are already thinking "B-natural" for that pitch.

I already use an editor script (simple word-search) to find the B's in C-minor, and now I like having a way to mark with 'bn' the notes that I have checked.

Re #28, I don't see the problem that would be compounded. Natural language is usually less precise than specifications or computer input. In this case, the "-flat" that annoys the human is needed by the computer, so we have to say 'af' when speaking to LilyPond. I don't claim to help LilyPond understand natural English.

The existence of "-natural" in English is not a problem; it is a helpful redundancy that remains helpful to me in LilyPond input.

If both "af a" and "an a" produce the engraved and MIDI output that LilyPond understood, we can correct errors. Error messages from the LilyPond parser on invalid input are less helpful. A smart user would type "af an" and "an an".

The idea is to let me type B-natural, which is what I'm already thinking, in a melody in C-minor so that I, or maybe other mutopiaproject users, can find my mistakes more easily.

\language"abbreviated"  % or, for now, \include "abbreviated_names.ily"
\new Staff \transpose c c'' {
  \key c\minor \partial 2
  r16 g f g ef g d g |
  c g bn, g c g d g ef g g, g an, g bn, g |
  c g bn, g c g d g ef g d g c g bf, g |
  af, g bf, g c f af, f d f c f bf, f af, f |
  g, f af, f bf, ef g, ef c ef bf, ef af, ef g, ef |
  f, ef g, ef af, d f, d bn, d af, d g, d f, d |
  ef, d f, d g, c ef, c r2 }

        abbreviated_names.ily  2.8 KB

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