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Stem: flag-style

From: Juergen Reuter
Subject: Stem: flag-style
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 03:56:44 +0200 (MEST)


May I replace the string property "flag-style" of grob Stem with a
boolean property called "stroke"?  My rationale is as follows:

* Currently, flag-style only supports the two distinct String values
  "" and "grace".

* Looking at, you will find that flag-style does not control
  the style of the flag, but rather adds an *additional* stroke to the
  flag, if and only if the property is set to the string value

* Actually, the stroke does not strike the flag, but rather the whole
  stem.  Hence, it should not be called *flag*-style.  In particular,
  I think I have already seen a stroke being added to a crotchet,
  which does not have a flag attached onto its stem (although I
  currently can not remember a definite reference for such a case).

* The very general term "grace" as property value appears to be
  inappropriate, since the stroke specifically denotes a short
  appogiatura rather than any grace note in general.

* Drawing a stroke through the stem is a concept that is orthogonal to
  e.g. the style (e.g. modern/mensural) of the flag.  Hence,
  controlling the stroke should be handled orthogonally, i.e. in a
  property of its own.

* Finally (and most important for myself), I would like to use a
  string property called "flag-style" to really control the style of
  the flag (e.g. modern versus mensural style).  However, I do not see
  any sensible way to integrate my intended semantics with the current
  flag-style property semantics, since the current semantics of
  flag-style and my intended semantics for a new flag-style are
  orthogonal concepts, and mangling both into a single property seems
  awkward to me.

Do you agree to change the current flag-style property into a boolean
property called stroke (or whatever name other than flag-style you


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