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Svg output - font

From: Guido Amoruso
Subject: Svg output - font
Date: 04 Dec 2002 16:58:44 +0100


I've played a bit with the svg backend to Lilypond (and decided to write
because I've seen a somehow related mail in the Users mailing-list).
Version 1.7.9 produces make a much better svg, but I have some problems:

1. I don't understand how Sodipodi (v. 0.28) should locate Lilypond-feta
fonts. I've read in sodipodi.scm that I should copy mf/out/private-fonts
and I've guessed I had to copy all files in mf/out (as I don't see any
private-fonts dir...), but sodipodi only visualize squares in place of
characters: what do I miss? Which font format and where shoud feta fonts
be in order sodipodi find them?

2. I've tryed to visualize a *.sodipodi file by Batik. After deleting
all "fill:#000000" (or something similar, I don't remember...) it was
able to render the file in a similar way to Sodipodi, so I tryed to do
this trick: I imported feta20.pfa into pfaedit and then produced a
[symbol].ttf, which was translated into a svg font by the Batik font
converter; then I changed the "unicode" attribute for some glyphs
(looking at my lily-generated sodipodi file) and inserted a <font>
decalaration within my file. The result is very nice (even if Batik
takes *a lot* of time on a G3 700 with 256Mb!!) and can be visualized
with Adobe viewer (tested in Win**98), too. But I'm wondering how the
implied font is defined: I mean, it is Unicode, but it doesn't follow
the Musical Symbols chart; I imagine this is a "private" font, but what
about creating a standard Unicode musical font?

I have no real technical knowledge about all this staff, so forgive me
for making you waste precious time, but I'm very interested in Lilypond
and I'd like to know more, hoping to be helpful someway someday!

Thank you very much!

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