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Re: Svg output - font

From: Guido Amoruso
Subject: Re: Svg output - font
Date: 05 Dec 2002 00:31:43 +0100

On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 17:49, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> This is all very preliminary.  The font format is .pfa
> (ie. feta20.pfa) they can be located anywhere, as long as
> private-fonts points to the right place.  Just do:
>    make -C mf pfa
>    mkdir ~/.sodipodi
>    ln -s $(pwd)/mf/out/private-fonts ~/.sodipodi
> you may look into the private-fonts file to see if it makes any sense.
Thank you, mftrace is working and I'll make you know if I have problems.
Perhaps you consider it too preliminary, but should I be able to get it
working, I could write a "tutorial" somewhere in Lilypond-wiki.
> Yes, it's a private font.
> > but what
> > about creating a standard Unicode musical font?
> What about it?  Even if there's such a thing, I doubt that it can be
> of any (but the most simplistic) use.
Well, as I said, don't know much: but I've followed some threads on the
MusicXML mailing-list (and also on the Xemo's one) and some people ask
about it - and say there is no free Unicode font available.
I don't know exactly what the need could be, but I feel it should not
hurt nobody: I can't tell you more!

As I'm writing to you now, I take one more moment to tell you I'm
working on a XSLT stylesheet from MusicXML ( to
Lilypond: it works someway, can handle muliple-staff and multi-voices
parts, but I need some time before making it available.
As I'm not a programmer - and this is one on my very first games - I'd
like to know whether you are interested in it and would mind have a
MusicXML has a public licence (even if it is developed mostly by a
coommercial company) and is becoming much supported by commercial
programs: we don't like very much windows&Co, but MusicXML could help
us, too - I hope I'll do a converter to Noteedit too, for example...

Thank you again!

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