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Re: chords

From: Amelie Zapf
Subject: Re: chords
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 23:20:18 +0100

Hi Jan,

> This is all very unfortunate.  I've been 'playing' with ediff for
> about 1.5 hours, but I'm giving up for tonight.

At first I thought it would be fairly easy, because chord::inner-name-jazz 
and chord::inner-name-american are just modified chord::inner-name-banters. 
But the other routines don't generate just strings, they actually do actual 
typesetting with the sharps and flats. I'd say a good start would be to just 
leave the logic alone and make the changes in the output part of the code 

> I'll try to integrate most of your stuff into 1.7.10 CVS, but this
> will take some time.  Also I expect there has to be done some touch-up
> again.

Let me have a go once 1.7.10 is out. One time I'll install a development 
version. The problem I have is that the Lilypond versions I'm running here 
are considerably souped-up versions of stable Lilyponds, changes go in 
depending on the task at hand. That's why I upgrade so rarely.

> It would be good to have your changes in 1.6.7, so that we at least
> have a good version to test against.

That will surely work.

> I'm *very* pleased with what you did, but timing could not very easily
> have been worse.  Han-Wen and I have been spending several hours this
> week to bring chord code in sync with the new text markup scheme.

Sorry, I couldn't smell that ;-) You know, I scratch when I itch -- means, 
when the output doesn't please me, I tweak the program. Over the last time, I 
wrote mostly choral works, with or without instruments, so chords didn't 
bother me. Now I have some jazz arrangements to do, of tunes written by one 
of my predecessors as director of the band I'm directing now, with constructs 
like G7 b9 b13 / F, and of course, with the old Lilypond, that did not work 
so well. So I spent eight hours on writing a Scheme routine that DID it. 
Tonight, I printed out my arrangement, and I was so happy to finally see on 
the paper what I envisioned, easily transposed and all. It was already a 
complex issue, with trumpet, 2x saxophone, 4x vocal, piano, guitar, bass & 
drums. Intricate funk-jazz stuff. I'm glad it's off my desk. So I guess the 
elation from that made me take Han-Wen's letdown a bit hard. But I'm really 
glad that you'll try to help.



Louey & Amy - Soul, Jazz & Gospel from Berlin

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