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From: José Luis Cruz
Subject: lyrics
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2004 21:33:14 +0100

First of all, congratulations for the new lyrics alignment engine. It
is a good improvement. :) Thanks for developing it, speccially now i
like because i'm using lyrics very much.

I want to ask for a new improvement on the lyrics engine. I mean
support for slurs/diphthongs. A tie which goes from a sillabe to the
next one. Both syllabes are said (singed) at the same note/beat.

Because there's not such thing in lilypond by the moment, i'm using an
alternate (and temporary i dream with ;)) solution, consisting of

Te con -- vi -- "do\_a" cre -- er -- me  (...)

The result you can look at the attached .png

I would like an automaticed way to put a little slur, and join the
syllabes like if were one. Just like appears commonly in sheet music.

I tried using some latex, for typing the slur but... doesn't
look pretty :S) I think it would be an aprecciated improvement.

Thanks again for
developing this amazing program


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